Primary Medicine

Comprehensive Primary Medical Care

Men's Health

Health checks, Prostate cancer screening

Women's Health

If you want a Women's Health Check including Pap Smear, please book a double appointment.  "Shared Care" with Peninsula Health Maternity Department is also available please check with our reception staff whilst booking. (it is not available for online booking)

Children’s and Adolescence Care

Childhood vaccinations, acute and chronic illness management

Sports Medicine

Chronic or acute injury management, injury prevention education

Preventative health including immunisation

Flu vaccinations, Tetanus boosters, General health check ups, Diabetes and Cholesterol screening

Qfever Vaccination

Vaccination programs for employees at risk, anywhere in the state of Victoria

Travel Medicine

Travel Vaccinations (except of Yellow fever), Malaria chemo-prophylaxis

Minor Procedures

Skin lesions, mole removal, plaster casts - including fibreglass, suturing, skin biopsies, Cryotherapy - skin lesions removal

Mental Health

Anxiety, Depression, GP Mental Health Care Plans, Counselling and Psychology referrals

Wound Care

General wound care and dressings - acute and chronic wound management

Minor Surgery

Moles and small lumps removal, haemorrhoids surgery

Occupational Health Management

Pre-employment medicals, Work-related injury management

Chronic Disease Management

GP management plans, Enhance primary care (EPC)

Laser Acupuncture/Pain Management

Cold Laser services available. 

Using cold laser to reduce chronic pains as well as treating fresh injury. (Sprains, strains)


We are pleased to help you with all your Childhood Immunisations. We are also happy to help with Flu Vaccinations, Occupational Vaccinations and travel vaccinations.(Excluding Yellow Fever)

Onsite Nurses

Our Division 1 Registered Nurses are available Monday  to Friday. They are often the first point of call for our patients with Immunisations, dressings, Health Care plans, and any information or care for all our patients.


Dr Olga Horn would be happy to discuss with you the benefits of Acupuncture. You are entitled to a Medicare Rebate on Acupuncture.


Onsite Pathology

Melbourne Pathology services are available at The Cove Family Medical Centre. Nurse is available everyday Monday to Friday and Saturday 8:00 am to 11:30am.  No appointment is necessary. Please bring your Pathology referral and Medicare Card.